Volunteers needed for Stevenage in Hertfordshire and Newport, Gwent


Currently we produce weekly talking newspapers for the blind and visually impaired in Stevenage and Gwent. To date we have reached 77 people in and around Stevenage and 570 in South Wales.


These projects would be better served by local volunteers. We would provide everything that would be required to run this service, but we need you to provide the manpower.


What we need is:



Someone will need to visit the local Sorting Office once a week and collect all the returns from the listeners. The finished recordings would also need to be taken to the Sorting Office for despatch. The chairman would also be the one notified of any new listener and would arrange a visit to deliver and demonstrate the media players that we provide free of charge.


Returns and dispatch processor

This person will empty all return wallets, check for messages, and make up the mailing list for the current week.



This person will check the recording equipment and sound levels, and oversee the recording programme (which takes about 2 hours).



Ideally there will be 3 voices on each recording. Readers do not have to go every week but two or three teams should be established for consistency. Readers do not have to have a ‘BBC’ recording voice and accents are fine, as long as they are intelligible.



One or two people will process the finished recording and make enough copies for the listeners, putting them into postal wallets and then into mail bags for dispatch.



Funds will not be required from Day One but every new listener costs £60, so this would be a requirement going forward.


If interested, please e-mail john@johnmay.org.uk



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